Willkommen - Hello World?!

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Wir freuen uns und fühlen uns geehrt, dass Sie hierher gefunden haben.
Neue Foren und Gruppen sind anfangs immer etwas unübersichtlich.
Und weil wir schon länger hier sind, wissen wir nicht, was Sie von uns brauchen, um sich hier gut orientieren zu können.
Daher ist für Alle eine Hilfe, wenn Sie Ihre Fragen in diesen Thread posten:
Wo haben Sie Navigierungsprobleme?
Welche Informationen fehlen Ihnen?
Was hätten Sie gern anders oder ergänzt?

Herzlich - Formwelt-Team


We are happy and honored that you have found your way here.
New forums and groups are always a bit confusing at the beginning.
And because we have been here for a while, we do not know what you need from us to get your bearings here.
Therefore, posting your questions in this thread will be a help to everyone:
Where do you have navigation problems?
What information are you missing?
What would you like to have different or added?

Cordially - Formwelt-Team

I just found a nice overview about the basic functions of Discourse – the underlying software of this forum:

If you’re eager to learn more meta.discourse.org is always a good way to start.

Additionally, here are the quick-links to

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Categories, Topics and Groups

This forum is structured in categories and topics.
Within the topics, the communication and discussion takes place.
Categories try to structure those topics.

Restricted Categories

Some categories are restricted and only accessible by specific group-members.
For example the #formwelt-weltform:lerngruppen category with System Kata DOJO as a topic.

Join a Category by joining a Group

If you want to join, just search for a corresponding group and do not hesitate to ask for membership. No fear – it’s the tec-system that builds this border.